Will my home qualify for zero down solar today? Let’s find out below!

that want to go green, produce a portion of their own energy and have control over what is a one-stop shop, no other choice, no option arrangement with their current power company. In most cases, within these three power company territories. TEP/SRP/APS; we are now able to approach and work with a generous amount of people in ways never before so easy as it is today! What I mean is with our strategies and approach in regards to off setting your total annual power needs by 40-60%, we are able to get the ball going today for those who have been waiting and want more information. We do that by first evaluating the utility bill and learning what your in home power demands are, if you have an electric vehicle already, what having the option for an on-site battery wall and much more. Then we look at it like a math equation and run software that analyzes your homes potential, create a design and we find a way to experience savings in more ways than one starting from day one. All the mean while you are doing your part and your families part by learning about how this system can offset your very own carbon footprint. That too is making a difference, one house at a time, one family at a time. We thank you so very much for taking that into consideration in this move towards learning and and what going solar looks like. At the very end of the solar project you will own this and we even give you a guaranteed power production for the entire 25 years!We are talking about a win, win, win situation. We are providing all of this in return for an hour of your time to sit down and go over the proposal. We are providing a vehicle for the entire project start to finish along with an option for a ‘solar’ loan at a very low rate of 2.99-3.99%. We finance the project and offer a 25 year guarantee with services, maintenance and if you choose to sell your home. That’s a one page document and we can transfer the system to the new home owners. We will be able to work the math equation in your favor to make sure there are immediate benefits available. What happens to your current power company? They stay in the picture, unfortunately we cannot change that – however what we can change is the total among you currently spend. The expected amount you would spend, if you didn’t make a move towards solar today and we will take that money and reduce the average into two bills. One for the power company, and another for the solar panels which one day will disappear when you pay off project. Let us not forget the entire project comes with a refund on your taxable income at 22% of the project. That means you will be receiving money back to put towards the loan and pay them off faster, removing the solar bill from the picture and eventually producing a surplus of power for you and your homes future needs. With that being said there are no doubt benefits across the board the question is how do we do it, and how can we get it done right and done the very best we can from the get go. That’s me, and my company I have chosen to use to provide for you and your family those expectations. We are looking to work with long term customers who are going to invest the time to learn into the system and the tools we provide. That way we can truly provide on you winning in savings in the long term, the immediate short term benefits which the system and idea sells itself on already, and the fact that we are in the end reducing our carbon footprint and doing our part to save the Earth for generations to come.

Message me or e-mail below to see what your home qualifies for, savings for you and the family and most importantly; savings for the Earth!.

Let’s move to the next step together and see if your home qualifies.